EatWave™ Vending Launches the Industry’s First “All-in-One” Vending Machine for Hot and Cold Food Items as well as Snacks and Drinks

Monday, November 5, 2012

EatWave to be Demonstrated Live at the Association of California School
Administrators (ASCA) Leadership Summit 2012, November 8 – 9, 2012

 San Diego, CA – (Business Wire – November 6, 2012) — EatWave Vending of San Diego, CA,  an innovative provider of all-in-one hot and cold food vending machines, today announced it has launched EatWave, a patent pending, fully automated and refrigerated vending machine with an internal microwave cooking unit.  EatWave is capable of quickly heating (in about a minute or less) and vending pre-packaged hot food items as well as vending a variety of snack, cold food and cold drink items to serve a complete meal ALL from the same machine.

EatWave allows vending operators and locations to conserve space and energy by replacing multiple vending machines with our single hot and cold design,” said Andrew Preston, CEO of EatWave Vending.  “EatWave is perfect for office break-rooms, hotels, schools, airports and other locations wanting to offer a complete meal for people on the go looking to grab a quick bite.”

The food and beverage vending market is over $40 billion in sales in the USA alone.  Vending machines are typically installed in space constrained locations visited by many people but with few or no dining options. Over 1.4 million vending machines currently serve coffee and hot beverages, cold drinks, candy/snacks, and cold food items to USA consumers. Unlike traditional vending machines which are stocked with just one type of item, EatWave can serve an entire meal of hot food, snacks, and cold beverages, providing flexibility of food selection to consumers as well as a high return on investment to machine owners.

“I always look for unique vending technology to increase my operating efficiency and profitability” said Billy Mandile, CEO of Champion Vending, a New York based vending operator. “I’ve been operating EatWave machines in my field locations for many months.  They have worked reliably and have generated substantial revenue. More importantly, my location owners are impressed with the ability to provide their customers and employees with hot food items along with snacks and drinks.”

Patent Pending Design on a Standard Vending Chassis EatWave’s patent pending internal design with microwave cooking unit is built on a standard vending machine chassis which utilizes a gravity delivery system.  It fits congruently in a “bank” of other vending machines but utilizes a colorful and eye catching external design to make EatWave stand out from the others. With few moving parts and commonly available components, EatWave requires minimal maintenance and allows for maximum uptime. Fully adjustable and reconfigurable item trays allow for a customizable menu including healthy food options. The built-in cooking unit establishes a high level of cleanliness by replacing stand-alone microwave ovens in the vending area and the patent pending Precision Cooking Technology™ cooks hot food items more precisely than a typical microwave. Stocking the machine is easily accomplished with standard packaged food (including microwavable items), snacks and beverage items which are readily available from major food and beverage retailers and distributors. The glass front of EatWave showcases the food and drink brands stocked in the machine to create a high consumer confidence in the quality of the food served.  EatWave is also ADA compliant and Energy Star rated.

Advanced VENDCheckTMSoftware EatWave’s optional VENDCheck software allows for online remote monitoring of machine data and inventory through low cost Ethernet communications.  The software provides another level of efficiency by consolidating visits to the machine for restocking and cash management. Data is stored in a robust SQL database with real time and detailed transaction reporting. EatWave can also be managed remotely through VENDCheck to modify machine settings, change pricing, and monitor temperature and fault conditions.

Demonstrations, Pricing and Availability EatWave is debuting this week, November 8 – 9, at Tables 4 – 6 at the Association of California School Administrators (ASCA) Leadership Summit 2012, Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, in San Diego, CA.  EatWave will be immediately available in select countries worldwide at a list price of US$11,995. VENDCheck is also immediately available starting at $29.95 per month. Inquiries from vending operators, entrepreneurs, and locations seeking to install a vending machine are welcome! For more information, visit:

About EatWave Vending EatWave Vending is located in San Diego, CA. The company offers an innovative line of all-in-one hot and cold vending machines capable of quickly heating and vending hot food along with complementary snacks and cold beverages ALL from the same machine. EatWave allows for efficient use of space and energy by vending operators and installation locations, serving an entire meal for people on the go looking to grab a quick bite.  Visit or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to learn how we’re redefining the vending industry.


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